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I suggest all females watch this. 

*i suggest all humans watch this.


I’m a 17 year old white guy living in middle class America. I’ve never exactly been a supporter of feminism because that kind of thing has never really affected me personally. I don’t notice it and I don’t care about it. But in nine minutes this video has made what is truly a serious problem extremely apparent. Those “why I need feminism” posts or those slut-shaming or rape culture campaigns never convince me of anything. But this video actually did I think.

tl;dr This video kicks ass, just watch it.

Stop what you’re doing and watch this

I’ve never exactly been a supporter of feminism because that kind of thing has never really affected me personally.” See, it kills me, because while I can’t fault him for this obviously, it’s a notion that so many men share. When the western world really does consider you the default to understand when your differences from that default become your niche, your marginalization. On one side, I want to agree that some folks just haven’t been confronted with this information and never noticed it before… but, today, when I see a resurgence of misogyny against third wave feminism, things like rape culture or the friendzone’s blame shifting, and other tools, I think… there really isn’t an excuse anymore for you to not have had this epiphany yet. I can’t really lend credit to anyone who says that they didn’t ever bother to seek out the truth before. We as a culture have moved beyond that now, and if you don’t understand already, we are running out of options to show you, especially when these things happen again and again on the news, in media, more and more flagrantly and yet despite an entire internet full of women still people seem to be shocked, hmm, I don’t know. 

in cartoons, children’s programming, my field, the worst was when I was told in school point blank that despite master successes that cross or totally ignore the gender division like The Legend of Korra for example, the executive decision was the safe one that “girls will watch boy programs, but boys won’t watch girl programs” and as such they market in that direction. As much as we fight to bring equality and equal representation and fight for women to have any kind of legitimacy or to be taken seriously, we need the help of those on the other side to at least open their eyes and take a look without feeling like our standing up for ourselves is not a direct attack on you. Things like the jokes about feminazis and frigid bitches who must only be protesting their role in society because they’re too ugly to get a man to buy you things, that needs to end. I want to say that the closer you get to defeating a foe the more violently they thrash, and that this resurgence is only the overly vocal death throes of a dying cultural cancer that won’t be here long, but the biggest point of this word wall is (and I say this to all the men reading this right now)… just because you are a guy doesn’t exempt you from this battle. This isn’t just a battle of women, it’s a battle for women. You might be comfortable in your spot, but are you really? I refuse to acknowledge ignorance on these matters anymore. That excuse is gone in this day and age.

Anyway, watch the video, and watch the documentary- there’s more than one of them, I believe there’s actually a series.

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