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I’m changing my name legally to Jasmin Darnell (it’s not my actual legal name, though I’ve been using it for years). But while I’m doing this I can also change my middle name because I don’t like the one I have. I’d appreciate good ideas!


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I want to apologize for a message I sent to someone earlier. I don’t remember your usermname but you sent me a mean sort of message and I replied in kind, and that was not the right way to respond. I’m sorry and I take back what I said and I’m sure you have your own reasons for wanting to send derogatory messages to people..I hope you are ok.

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3 remaining drawings reduced to $30!


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practicing… uurrhhhfn

practicing… uurrhhhfn

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I have had a very emotionally difficult day. I need to see things that are wonderful and beautiful and comforting in my dash but in no way animal related. Recommend?

(otherwise just tag a post my name so I can see~**)

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Use the code “10off" to get 10% off on all items.

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